Orcas Island Realty



Health and Wellness

In addition to having a compliment of traditional medical providers, Orcas is a popular destination because of its community of complimentary therapy practitioners and experts in the healing arts. The environment itself is conducive to centering, relaxation, and structured retreats.

Doctors and clinics:

Orcas Island Medical Center 360-376-2561

Orcas Family Health Center 360-376-7778

Orcas Island Family Medicine 360-376-4949

In addition to basic ambulatory medical services and some emergency capacity and x-ray at these local facilities, nearby hospitals in Friday Harbor (San Juan Island) and Anacortes provide the full suite of emergency and in-patient medical care. Emergency transport to these and other larger medical facilities can be arranged. Most islanders buy the very affordable medflight insurance 360-594-4360.

Vision Care:
San Juan Vision Source - 360-376-376-5440

Steven H. Bailey, DMD - 360-376-2656
Whalestooth Clinic Brenda Ivans, DMD - 360-376-4454
Orcas Island Dentistry Michael D. Triplett

Physical Therapy:
Orcas Island Physical Therapy - 360-376-5504

Family Tree Chiropractic
Chiropractic and Graston
Orion Mahoney and Kami Rathburn - 360-376-6675

Preparing For Childbirth
Laurie Gallo 360-376-4490

Melinda Milligan - 360-376-4267

Wellness, massage and other alternative therapies:
Healing Arts Center (counseling, coaching, alternative therapies & massage practitioners)

Heidi Alexander (massage and gyrotonics instructor)

Tamara Joyner 360-317-6116

Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio

Rosario Resort and Spa